3 thoughts on “Sabotaging (Pipe)Lines of Thought

  1. Just came across this excellent post. Thanks, Brook, for this very thoughtful working-over of my talk there. Your question, and this elaboration even moreso, really sharpens the issue. I think you are right that it comes down to our capacity for sacrifice, and casting this in terms of “surrender” and “necessity” (rather than, say, “choice”) is exactly right. On this theme, I have a long piece on courage (understood as a kind of surrender) that came out a couple years ago that might be of interest. It’s at the link below — free if your library has a subscription. If not, let me know and I will be happy to send along a copy. Thanks again for the great post.


    • Many thanks, Darin. Your talk continues to resonate in my thinking and teaching. Looking forward to seeing you again at the upcoming State of Extraction conference here in Vancouver, and continuing the dialogue.

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